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Technovation Unicorns is a technology conglomerate which is committed to address the real world challenges around the people & industries by putting best in class technology solutions & human touch.


SCH is providing easy & effective solutions to organisations and masses around difficulties in learning of coding & development. A fast lane approach to efficient learning & growth.

Technovation Hub

Technovation-Hub is a talent factory for fresh & budding talent who is determined to make the difference. Its a non stereotype culture for start-ups & learners where road to growth and success is defined in a very unique & successful way.

Working with Market leaders

Our Focus.

A cab service aggregator company, whose mission is to provide reliable, Punctual, affordable and safe cab services by using technology and in house analytics. The company is establishing its presence by on boarding of service partnership with existing cab associations, Freelance drivers with/wo cabs and travel partners


An aggregator platform which is bridging the supply & demand gap between various industries & available resources by bringing each component of the ecosystem on a single interactive platform.

Technovation-Hub is a talent factory for fresh & budding talent who is determined to make the difference. Its a non stereotype culture for start-ups & learners where road to growth and success is defined in a very unique & successful way.


Helping you understand your options around your branding & online reputation. Whether you’re an individual or business, we can help you improve how you look online and build right perception about you.

System Integration

We aim to help you over achieve your business goals by providing you best value solutions which are future ready yet optimised. Let us help you redefine your integration strategy for future.

Solution Center

We experiment and practice on latest technologies to solve real world problems and provide optimal solutions. AI, IoT, ML & Data Analytics can bring the change.

Challenges which we are addressing at Technovation Unicorns

Traffic and Pollution

Innovating to solve traffic & pollution problem by Integration of every component of the ecosystem & using IoT & data analytics.


Education Levels

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence can help in improving the standards of education.

Remedial learning

A unique system which shall work on 1x1 basis with every learner and prepare him for remedial portion of learning. Healthcare Services


Health Care

Increasing the reach

Technology can bridge the gap between patients living at remotest possible locations to consult the best of breed doctors without any hassle.

Commoditization Healthcare services

Best healthcare services shall not be a privilege to few only but a commodity


Skills Development

Bridging the gap

The Gap between raw talent and IT industry is causing the imbalance & Unemployment. By giving required finishing touch industry ready talent can be produced, we are doing that successfully.

Collaboration with ecosystem partners

Collaboration is the key to success and by doing so between all the ecosystem partners i.e. Educational institutes, raw talent and industry leading corporate we are creating a platform which is a win-win for all.

The Technovation Unicorns is solving problem of masses by working on the philosophy of utilising the latest technology with an essence of human touch.

  • Using AI, ML, Data Analytics & IoT to address challenges of transport, education & health care.
  • Integrating Systems to provide best value solutions.
  • Innovating to Solve problems i.e. Traffic, Pollution & Commuting.
  • Developing mobile apps to ease daily common challenges of masses.
  • Bridging the gap between talent & IT industry by putting a unique approach of providing a real time culture & hands on, offering a corporate experience & a platform.
  • Handholding of other start-ups and provide them support to grow and flourish.
  • Partnering with industry leaders to bridge the gap between raw talent an industry’s expectations of finished product.
  • Innovating to solve health care services approachability & in time availability to the masses.
  • Effective use of AI to ensure standard of education in India improves.

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